The Union of European Green Energy Producers

The Union of European Green Energy Producers

Who are we?

The Union of European Green Energy Producers in Bulgaria defends the interests of Renewable Energy Producers (REPs) from small scale installations  with an installed electricity capacity of less than 500 kW for the production of electricity. These are over 1000 Bulgarian companies that represent 72% of all REP in the Bulgaria.

The Union of European Green Energy Producers is created in Bulgaria in 2016, in response to defending their legal and economic interests after the Bulgarian Government has introduced a series of restrictive law amendments that have endangered the viability and sustainability of all small REPs in Bulgaria.

Responsible & Innovative

Our Mission


Innovating and progressive politics, that would lead to energy independence of every European citizen and company by ecologic energy production.

Reaching a 40% renewable energy production in Bulgaria, out of the total Energy production of Bulgaria until 2030.

Renewable Energy

The widened usage of renewable energy is a large part of the measures needed to lower the carbon emissions and for fulfilling our responsibilities under the Paris Agreement of 2015, about climate change, after the 21st conference of the UN members, as well as our responcibilities for the common goal of reducing carbon emmissions with at least 40% compared to 1990.

The tying goal of EU in the field of renewable energy and the contributions of the member states, including their base shares and their national goals up to 2020 are among the key elements, that have landmark importance in the Union politics in the Energy and Environment fields. Other such elements are included in the framework of Directive 2018/2001/EC, such as developing of heating and cooling with renewable energy, as we as renewable transport fuels.

Another important element of the new Directive 2018/2001/EC are the explicit text in the Preamble §29 and article 6 for guaranteeing of sustainable business climate for existing and future projects. The Union entered a prohibition for Member States to adopt regulatory changes  and retroactive measures.

The Union of European Green Energy Producers has a major contribution for the accepting of these new provisions in the new directive, as the negative actions of Bulgaria have been a motive for not allowing such actions in other Member States.


Of Bulgaria’s approach regarding the small scale REP and defending of those projects. The European law defines producers with nameplate capacity up to 500 kw as small installations (as under Regulation 651/2014 and §17 of the Preamble of Directive 2018/2001/EC). For such producers European Law has special additional provisions regarding their sustainability and viability.

Unfortunately, the Bulgarian legislature up to this moment does not treat differently small-scale and large installations, for which reason up to this moment these companies are discriminated and harmed by the existing law regime. In 2015 (with change in the Additional and Provisional texts in the Energy Act) the National Assembly has established regulatory framework that lead to bankruptcy of 274 small-scale REPs. Their purchasing price was lowered three times below the necessary minimum for paying their costs. These changes have led to differential treatment of otherwise similar REPs, regulatory chaos and ruined investor confidence.

We urge for a full reassessment of the state politics regarding small scale REPs, in accordance with E legislation, by repealing or amending §18 of the Final and Additional provisions of the Bulgarian Energy Act. We urge for immediate transposal of Directive 2018/2001/EC in regards to promoting REPs.

Non-Governmental Organizations

We believe, NGOs should take active part in discussing regulatory amendments so that there is a better legislative framework for small-scale REPs.

We hold that in the period up to 2030, in which Bulgaria has to realize 34$ of renewable energy production, the state should promote investors to create more small-scale REPs and REPs for own needs. This would lead to more ecologic production and rising of the living standard of Bulgarian citizens.

Intelligent green technologies

Our goals

Urgent transposal of Directive 2018/2001

From 11/12.2018, by creating a new Renewable Energy Sources Law with the following mandatory provisions:

Introducing a notifying regime

to the Energy Distribution Companies for creation of new REPs for own needs. Easy procedure and administrative process for creating RES for own need and small-scale installations up to 30KW.

The primary share of Renewable Energy in Bulgaria
Promoting with financial and tax easements
Legislative changes introducing payments for green certificates
Guaranteed sustainability of every REP
Repeal of all retroactive measures in the legislature,
Immediate transposal of chapter “Stability of Financial Support” of the Directive 2018/2001/EC
Immediate transposal of the measures in State Aid 44840(2016/NN)
Immediate introduction of support measures for small-scale REPs from Regulation №651/2014

The Union of European Green Energy Producers

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